Skovløberen is a race which almost exclusively takes place on forest roads in the Mid-Zealandic forests which are part of the National Park Skjoldungernes Land.

Along the way you pass amongst other things Gyldenløveshøj – the highest point in Zealand. However, it is not saying much, as it only measures 125 m.

At the top there is a memorial stone for fallen members of the Danish Resistance Movement during World War II. In general, most runners find that there are plenty of hills along the way.

Remember to enjoy the nature – small lakes and a mixture of hardwood and coniferous forests – all in all a lot of lovely peace and tranquility.

So if you need a break from asphalt roads and polluted city air, then Skovløberen would definitely be of interest to you.

Skovløberen is held every year during the first weekend of September and there are four distances: a 5 km, a 1/4, a 1/2 and an entire marathon. (You will not pass Gyldenløveshøj on the shortest distances though)

It is easy to get to the start/finishing area – and there are good parking conditions. The train stops in Hvalsø which is in walking distance from the start/finishing line.

We look forward to welcoming you